Welcome to Filemail

We are a small company founded in 2008 in Oslo, Norway. Our idea was to make sending big files quick and easy - without size limits, speed caps, noisy download pages or ads. You simply select files, click the "Send" button, files are securely sent to our servers and the recipient gets a download link via email. People loved that simplicity. Today we have data centers all around the world and we process over 2.5 petabytes of data every month.

Our mission

Our mission is to make it possible to send and receive big files by anyone, anywhere in the world. When we say "big files" we mean any size you can imagine - we don't have a hard size limit. And when it comes to fulfilling our mission we have three top priorities: security, high speed and ease of use.

Our story

Back in 2008 we asked ourselves a question "What's the fastest possible way to send large file?". We checked all the solutions out there, but all of them were not good enough in our eyes. So we decided to quit our jobs and created Filemail. As more and more people liked our service we expanded our data centers and we also added lots of customization and integration options. Today we have servers in both Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia to make file sending smooth all around the world.

What is so special about Filemail?

We believe that Filemail is unique, not only because of it's high transfer speeds and security. One thing that our users especially like are all the different customization and integration features. You can easily put a Filemail upload form on your own web page (with just one line of code), apply custom styles to it and receive big files from others within minutes. You can also apply custom styles to the Web interface, download pages and emails that are sent out to recipients (think logo, custom colors and background images). We also support custom fields in our upload form: let's say you need to receive files from a customer, but you need an order number to be attached to the package - just add a custom text box to the form, name it "Order number" and make it a required field if that's what you need. And that's not all - with Filemail you can customize much more.

Oh, and our secret weapon?

It's our team, which is led by Filemail founders: Stian Tonaas Fauske and Njål Arne Gjermundshaug - two developers from Norway trying to make the web even more useful than it is. To this day Stian and Njål listen carefully to their users and constantly improve Filemail to fit their needs.

Backed by an amazing customer support team, we now have a small but extremely flexible and efficient team aiming to support and improve Filemail for many years to come. We also use the best tools, services, hardware, frameworks and development methodologies to ensure that Filemail is a fantastic service.
Give us a try...